[clug] [JOBS] A short term and long term Linux sysadmin role in the offing

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Sun Aug 17 22:23:52 MDT 2014


I've had the slightly bemusing circumstance of two different friends 
contact me looking for two slightly different Linux sysadmin style roles 
all in a matter of two days... :)

One is short term - basically migrate services run on an existing Linux 
server over to a new box freshly installed with a suitable distro.

It's a dev box so you'll need to know what to do with jenkins, svn, trac 
and the like.  Once migration is complete there will be a need for 
ongoing maintenance.

Other is likely longer term, but may require shift work and is a bit 
more programming centric - scripting, general sysadmin etc.

It will probably not work out for one person to do both roles BTW...

Neither company is a FOSS company per-se buy IMHO do interesting work 
and use Linux to accomplish that.  Nor have I actually worked for them 
myself, but know the people involved to be good folk :)

If you're interested drop me an email off list.


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