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On 04/30/14 12:39, Joel.Cowey at csiro.au wrote:
> Some months ago I foreshadowed the start of a new schools partnership program for ICT professionals to get involved in helping/mentoring teachers to introduce ICT in their classes as part of CSIRO Education's Scientists and Mathematicians in Schools program.
> I am afraid the name of the program ended up being "ICT in Schools, a partnership program" - I know, all your great suggestions were ignored, CSIRO can be a pretty conservative bunch.
> Anyway the program is up and running now and we need ICT professionals to sign up, so here is your chance to play with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego or anything else you can think of. You can get information and register on our website now.
> http://www.scientistsinschools.edu.au/ict/index.htm
> I'd like to see the ACT leap to the lead in participation, at the moment SA is leading with about 15 or so DSTO boffins signing up plus a smattering of others.
> I have some funding to create some "ICT in Practice" projects for the teachers and ICT professionals to get involved with if they are unsure where to start.  The projects are meant to go across schools and possible regions so if you have any inspiration let me know.  I am not entirely certain what the money can be used for but I am guessing getting some kit (Arduinos etc) to use in class is a possibility.
> If you have any questions please get in touch.  And please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested.
> Joel
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