[clug] Linux and City News Canberra

bryan at netspeed.com.au bryan at netspeed.com.au
Tue Apr 8 09:35:51 MDT 2014

G'day Scott:
> For others they can simply "click" on the link in the City News story.

For many of the older set I know, news is on TV or paper!
> As for "education level" segmentation.... so?
I  recently attended a disability course. A couple there identified as 
being intellectually disabled. The gentleman said he was mildly so. 
Whereas it was obvious to everyone that the lady was severely so 
> I'm not certain I understand what you mean by "relevant" club
> membership.
The Sporting Shooters Pistol Club's members are not especially into 
> Is there such a thing as "irrelevant" club membership?

The art teacher at Belconnen Community Centre admitted deep ignorance 
of computing!
> Time is money!
> And? (your point is lost on me).

Many people will buy something. And when it's broken, they throw it 
away. What's between them and the next pizza is too hard!
> We 'could' devote it to making money instead... or we could see it as 
> an investment in our business.
I recall the manager of a law firm complaining that training got in 
the way of "billable hours".

> I'm afraid I don't understand the connections:-
> best -> everybody -> laggards

The drive to affiliation: what my mates are into, is therefore right 
for me!
> Only marketing could argue that "leading" is something done by bit
> players (if no one follows, what are you leading?).

In stockbroking, I read such text as "market leader BHP". Meaning the 
biggest company in the sector.
> Conservative are opposed to change.
The word "unprecedented" strikes the fear of God into such types!
> Why should he view his computer differently to his tractor?
Exactly, it's just a tool to abuse and neglect!

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