[clug] Linux and City News Canberra

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Tue Apr 8 04:40:27 MDT 2014


> However, from within the CLUG community there would be more that     
> enough expertise to provide basic guidance in making the transition    
>  if there were sufficient will to make it happen.
The "sufficient will" represents a cost. And that is a hurdle to be 
> After all how     different is Linux Mint with the Cinnamon Desktop 
> box from a Windows     XP box from the Desktop Computer users 
> perspective for example.
There is an argument that "best" means "everybody does it".
So for example:
      * eating McDonald's;
      * driving Ford; and
      * praying Catholic.
To the conventionally-minded then, adopting Linux would seem as 
unconventional as voting for Bob Katter's party!
> I don't attend CLUG Meetings because they are too technical for me     
> and therefore of no real interest.
I know of a technical club that denies public access yet complains of 
inadequate participation!
>  Stick a tutorial in how to     better secure a LAMP server on the 
> agenda however and I would be     there in a heart beat.

My experience in tertiary education was that the introductory courses 
had the biggest enrollment!
> The second     shot would be to put together an "Install Fest" type 
> event supported     by a help line facility which could readily be 
> communicated via the     same media that suggested the transition in 
> the first place.
That would involve significant cost. Whereas this club minimises cost. 
In my opinion, taking on responsibilities ends up generating 
bureaucratic hassle!
>  Mr and     Mrs Public might just take notice and make the transition.

I once divided the total campaign advertising spend of the parties by 
the number of electable politicians. This demonstrated for an ACT 
election, that on average electing a candidate cost the same as a 
> Having spent some 6 hours a couple of days ago ridding my daughters    
>  laptop of the "PC Tools Virus" which had woven it's evil tendrils     
> throughout the windows registry I am at a loss to understand why any   
>   one uses this MS rubbish but of course they do because they don't    
>  realise there is an alternative.
Suppose that north and south Korea were to merge, as east and west 
Germany did. The cost of adjusting social institutions and retraining 
a populace--would exceed the cost of building factories!
> Only Linux users can reverse that     perception.

That's saying it won't happen.

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