[clug] ANU Mail (was: LAN)

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 26 02:30:54 CEST 2013

On 26/09/13 00:30, Logan McLintock wrote:
> Static ip problem solved -- I didn't understand that you can still use DHCP and just get the router to reserve an ip address for a given mac address -- I was searching for 'static' not 'reserved' ip and I was getting confused with something else in the router manual. Thanks, now I know, its so simple -) thx clugians
> PS. if anyone else has the ANU email problem, this will help with the settings to stay away from micro$oft lol
> http://itservices.anu.edu.au/_resources/projects/updates/anu-email/students/device-reconfiguration-instructions/How-to-configure-your-Mac-post-migrating-to-Microsoft-Office-365.pdf

Kinda on topic and relevant to Linux...

Those struggling with the ANU's migration to Micro$oft Office 365 (I'm
not - I chose not to be "migrated" - ie. off-shored), may already know
that now that part 1 of the assimilation program has all but completed,
part 2 is now starting - the migration to Micro$oft Wave 15.

A colleague is testing Micro$oft Wave 15 on Linux (Ubuntu) and Firefox.

To quote him anonymously:

> So I have had problems using firefox under linux but it appears to work
> well in firefox on windows.  If I change the "User Agent" string to
> Windows 8 firefox 21.1 (could not find 24.0 user agent string) on my
> ubuntu 12.04 + firefox 24.0 machine It works MUCH better.
> 1) The cpu load is much lower and firefox does not use stuped amounts of
> memory.
> 2) The scroll bar in the central panel now works as it does under windows.
> 3) When I click reply on an email inline I can now see the "SEND DISCARD
> INSERT" buttons so I can send the email!

I can't think of any explanation as why he would be observing this...

Bob Edwards.

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