[clug] CLUG christmas party 2013

Andrew Steele fozzy at zipworld.org
Thu Oct 31 03:33:04 MDT 2013

Hi Paul,

Date is good.

My preference would be at your place if you're offering.  But I'm happy to go with the majority if they'd prefer a different venue.


On 31/10/2013, at 6:41 PM, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

> Signed PGP part
> Hi all,
> Thinking ahead a bit, I'm starting to organise the now traditional CLUG
> christmas barbecue.  There are two basic options:
> 1) Have it at a park.
> 2) Have it at someone's house.
> In the spirit of openness and consultation, please post your preference now :-)
> Kate and I are happy to have it at our house on what would be the December
> PSIG meeting of the 12th of December.  We did this last year and it seemed
> well attended.  But I'm happy if people want to do something different.  We
> have had barbecues at Black Mountain Peninsula, and once (long ago) a
> well-attended one at the ANU near N101.  I'd rather suit more people,
> whichever way we go.
> Hope this helps,
> Paul
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