[clug] Elementary OS

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 18:09:49 MDT 2013

Interesting. Even more impetus has just been added. I have to be a
little careful here though because change at work would mean changing
from Ubuntu -> EOS/Mint for about 50 desktops and the associated pain
that would create.

Mind you I get constant whinges from users about Unity effects
(generally graphics card issues) already so perhaps it won't be that
different. Switching to Gnome Classic seems to solve this but seems a
bit counter-productive.

I do like pretty (big active thumbnails) and other such things in a
desktop WM so Unity has been attractive along with the knowledge that
Canonical releases security updates. Definitely time to try EOS/Mint
on my home machine.

Our recent shift to using our organisation LDAP server for
authentication via sssd with fallback to our 10 year old Linux LDAP
system was change enough with the UID re-organisation required.


On 16 October 2013 07:55, Jamie Carl <jazz at funkynerd.com> wrote:
> I tried the same thing a few weeks back when I saw EOS mentioned on this
> list.  Loved it immediately and have now switched all my Linux workstations
> (2 desktops and a laptop) over to it.
> I just liked that it was a 'prettier' Ubuntu, so it has the familiarity of
> Ubuntu (particularly apt and software centre), but without crud like Unity.
> I know there's other ways to do away with Unity, but their integration of
> plank and a few of the apps they have created/used just makes it an overall
> pleasant experience to use Elementary.
> Can't recommend it highly enough.

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