[clug] Want to Virtualise an old Debian Potato System

Stephen Hodgman steve at hodgman.id.au
Wed Oct 9 04:38:19 MDT 2013

Thanks Steve.
 I just read about Clonezilla today and your solution sounds exactly
what I need.
I will try that out in the next few days hopefully.

Stephen Hodgman
0407 182 355
02 6236 6380

On 9/10/2013 9:27 PM, Steve Barnes wrote:
>> G'day all,
>> I have a "legacy" Debian Potato (2.2.19) system with some proprietary
>> software and iBCS installed. This is way out of date and is being
>> (slowly) replaced.
>> As part of the migration we are getting MS server 2012 systems
>> installed very soon.
>> I was thinking of taking advantage of the Hyper V and seeing if I can
>> get my Debian system installed as a VM.
>> Anyone have any experience or recommendations on how to go about
>> doing this?
>> Will 2012 Hyper v support this system? It is running on hardware that
>> is circa 2005
>> I can get copy of the filesystems and partitions onto a physical
>> disk.  That is easy.
>> What I do not understand (among many other things :-) is how to get
>> that into a VM image that will run.
>> Any help or advice appreciated.
>> Thanks,
> Stephen,
> Can't comment on HyperV support.
> Re the filesystem and partition migration, assuming I understand you
> correctly, I would consider using 2 copies of Clonezilla.
> Set up your VM under HyperV. Ensure networking is correct/functional.
> Boot the VM into Clonezilla, set it ready to receive a disk image over
> the network.
> Boot your Potato into Clonezilla and follow the on screen prompts to
> blast the disk image over the network into the waiting VM instance.
> Reboot and (hopefully) enjoy.
> Of course, this all assumes HyperV and Clonezilla play nicely together.
> You could probably achieve a similar outcome using a combination of
> single user mode/live CD/rescue mode and dd|gzip|nc on both ends...
> Hope this helps
> Steve

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