[clug] Anyone keep their SSH keys on a USB flash drive or in an encrypted filesystem?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Oct 7 02:52:34 MDT 2013


Much easier than I thought. Thanks very much.

Thanks for the script as well. I've never thought to do grab ScreenSaver
times. Good one!


David Deaves wrote on 7/10/13 7:06 PM:
> Steve,
> Just create your keys with a password.  
> Then use  ssh-agent  to manage unlocked keys and make sure you start ssh-agent 
> using the '-t 300' so that a key expires after 5 minutes, or stick with the 
> default of no-lifetime, and setup your machine to run  ssh-add -D  when you 
> lock your screen.
> Not exactly what you were after, but I figured a reasonable approximation 
> functionally atleast.
> I use this to trap screen lock/unlock  -  it also logs the times, very handy 
> for doing your timesheets.  And kills 

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