[clug] Going from 1 to 100 lines of ls wrapping script

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Tue Nov 26 17:47:57 MST 2013

Given the total lack of interest after a week from a bunch of very cluey
people I guess everyone is actually very happy with an ls they think is
broken, which is an entirely fair enough point of view. Also a good example
of why it is worth stubbing out proposed functionality in shell or some
scripting language before spending a bunch of time with C sources fixing
something to find out it's of close to zero interest to anyone else.
Suggests strongly the gnu coreutils maintainers would not be interested

Still it's a pretty good sledge for *nix-haters
"In order to list things that may contain files you actually have to write
code on *nix" [1][2]

[1] But the reply is as ever $your_os is ugly and it's mum dresses it funny
more than *nix! :p
[2] It was like that when I got here. That's the way its always been. It
was a decision forced on us by the customer against our counsel.

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