[clug] Anyone using extended attributes? esp for hashsums

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Nov 25 15:24:39 MST 2013

There was a recent post where someone mentioned they used extended

Does anyone use xattr's to keep hashsums (and the time they were
computed)? Faster to read an MD5/SHA1 than to recompute when selecting
files for backup etc.

Any "war stories", 'gotchas' and 'this will trip you up' would be
appreciated. [saw something about an effective 4KiB limit]

I did a small amount of research on what attribute names to use and
didn't end up finding out much.

The OS/X world is very long winded...
They matter because portable Apps need to also work there.

Be nice to have a single attribute name, but that may not be possible.

Thanks in Advance.


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