[clug] list only directories

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Tue Nov 19 23:22:35 MST 2013

Dear Clug,

To list only directories I have a one line script ~/bin/lsd [1]

\ls ${ARG} | while read a; do if [[ -d ${ARG}/${a} ]]; then echo ${a}; fi;

so if i only want to see directories, that's what I see

I've had it or something like it for years. Never given it much thought,
but it strikes me as really quite odd that ls, having 16536 different
options doesn't have one for just show me things of this type. Maybe I just
missed it? Reading manpages in depth is pretty painful.

Do you good and talented people all do something similar? Are you doing
better? Have I missed a trick?


[1] it's called lsd as in ls for d - directories and in homage to the quip
about the two things that came out of Berkeley in the late 60s or early
70s, but has nothing whatever to do with ratpoison.

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