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Logan McLintock u4955237 at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 19 01:52:31 MST 2013

Hi Rod,

Thank you very much. I think I will use multiple hubs, and then connect the pis together through a switch using ether and ssh. Not sure about the type of ram because they are in cases that are quite hard to get off lol. Thanks a million. I would have gotten it this way wrong without your help -) cyclops

Thanks again =)

On 19/11/2013, at 1:19 PM, Rodney <rodneyp at pcug.org.au>

> A USB hub to run 4 pi would need to supply > 5 A,  which I think highly 
> unlikely.  
> AFAIK, there is a way of powering a pi via the GPIO pins, but that is for 
> someone knowing how to crimp headers & be certain to connect to the 5V instead 
> of 12 V on the molex HDD connectors of an ATX PS.  You would still need one 
> echidna board as a convenient way of firing the whole thing up.
> Otherwise you would be faced with at least two USB power supplies of 2 or 3 
> Amp plus four USB2micro-USB to power it all.  Might be the simplest solution 
> anyway.
> Either way you might also have a need for one powered hub to drive a USB 
> interface to HDD etc.
> Do your pi have Hynix RAM though ?
> Rod
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>> Wow, thank you so much for all the help guys! 
>> 1st - Yes (after researching) the power supply will want to run something of
>> substance, some people run a car bulb just to keep it happy lol (that seems
>> like extra heat to me) 2nd - Yes I think that a usb hub is a much more
>> sensible choice (as opposed to an ATX power supply) - thank you for the
>> suggestion 3rd - I wouldn't have checked the proper electricity
>> requirements! - thanks - i will look for that hub at Bunnings =)
>> I just have two questions:
>> * can I run multiple R pi's off the same hub (I have 4 of the model B's)?
>> * And, if it is plugged into a hub, do you not need the micro usb power as
>> well?
>> Regards,
>> Logan
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