[clug] Portable computing options?

Ben Davies bdcrux at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 22:19:22 MST 2013

On 18 November 2013 15:58, Chris Smart <clug at christophersmart.com> wrote:
> Backups might be a problem if you don't want to send to Google Drive or
> Dropbox.

I should probably elaborate on the backups part. One of the things I
was trying to do (while on a trip) was manage memory cards from a
camera and some photo/video taken on an android phone.

I was duplicating copies of my photos (anywhere from 0-500mb per day)
to an SD card stuck in the tablet PC. This worked ok, although the
file manager interface was a bit clunky. I just plugged a card reader
into a USB slot and did the slow transfer each evening. Even if I was
going to use online storage, the free (and dodgy) accommodation net
access wouldn't allow for uploading half a gig of photos either ;-)

Another source of frustration was getting copies of files from the
phone onto the SD card. Unlike my linux laptop, the phone wasn't
recognised as a storage device when plugged in via the USB cable. From
what I recall at the time, this needed extra apps - given time & other
constraints it was quicker to borrow a Windoof laptop for a minute :-/


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