[clug] ATX r pi

Logan McLintock u4955237 at anu.edu.au
Sat Nov 16 05:46:47 MST 2013

Hello my friends,

I and working on a holiday project (my exams went well) and I want run a raspberry pi off an ATX power supply?

I have no idea about soldering etc -- is there a switch I can buy that will turn on my raspberry pi and the power supply (i.e. like a normal desktop - I have to motherboard)? All the switches I have seen on the Internet take usb power, but I want to plug into ATX power supply =)

I hope I am making sense, buy I want to use a pi as a normal desktop, inside a case with an ATX power supply, not usb power =)
Any thoughts would be great as I really no nothing about electronics

Thank you
Logan -)

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