[clug] Adobe Password Breach

Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Tue Nov 5 03:19:02 MST 2013

Hal Ashburner <hal at ashburner.info> wrote:
> Does anyone have a link to best practices with passwords?

That's a big question, not helped by people misunderstanding "popular
practice" with "best practice". The top five Google results are not very

> Now we're all "hedge moon voodoo pancake"

Use a hardware true random number generator (ordinary six-side dice)
with this:


> given we all have 100+ passwords what is the best way to cope with that

There are many password managers that can securely encrypt your passwords
using a single master password.

> given you don't want them on your phone

Sure you do, then you have access to them wherever you take your phone,
which is... everywhere, right? Just make sure you use a decent master


> And you will need them from different computers.

http://keepass.info/ is a common format implemented by many programs for
many platforms. I'm sure there are alternatives, but this is what I use.
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