[clug] GNU/Linux Evolution Tree - Gentoo

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Fri Nov 1 23:00:29 MDT 2013

It would be remiss of me to let this thread pass without mention of the
Canberra (and Ballarat) based Korora Linux: https://kororaproject.org/

This thread's infographic shows Kororaa (with two a's) being derived from
Gentoo back in the day and that's true. It was famed at the time for its
amazing live CD that introduced many of us to a 3D desktop and all manner
of shiny things. I fondly recall a major computer show at Darling Harbour
in Sydney where more than half of the monitors on display were running a
demo from the Kororaa live CD. Anyway, that all bit the dust when someone
in the USA claimed (wrongly) that Kororaa was breaching the GPL and Chris
shut it down.

Fast forward several years and Chris was again bitten by the distro bug.
Korora (with one a) was reborn as a Fedora Core remix, designed to be a
friendly out-of-the-box experience with all of the software that a typical
laptop or desktop user expects from a modern OS.

I will admit a certain Debian / Ubuntu bias on my part mostly because that
has been my comfort zone since I started with Linux, but I run Korora on my
laptop now and it is excellent.

I very strongly recommend Korora to anyone seeking a cutting edge desktop
or laptop Linux experience.


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