[clug] Off topic: recommendations for a reliable wireless router?

Chris Smart clug at christophersmart.com
Fri May 24 16:27:43 MDT 2013

On 24/05/13 23:49, Ben Davies wrote:
> I need to get a new wireless router as my current Netgear device is
> starting to play up (connections are dropped & wireless performance is
> terrible - negating having FTTH!).

I'm running a "Netgear N600 dual band gigabit router premium edition",
model WNDR3800-100AUS.

Hardware must be revision 2 (check the serial ends in "a2"), not the
newer 3 (yet anyway).

This is one of the "open source" routers from Netgear and it can run
openwrt, tomato or dd-wrt:

There's an official Netgear dd-wrt version, but I run brainslayer's
which is more feature complete.

I think it cost ~$120 but I knew they were becoming rare so snapped one
up a few months ago.

Anyway I agree others that a router with some open firmware is better
than factory devices. Just make sure you note any specific hardware
revisions as components can be completely different in a newer release
of the same model.

Now where did I put my trusty WRT54G..


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