[clug] Short term Linux Contract available

David Howe howe.david at gmail.com
Tue May 14 17:08:17 MDT 2013


I'm posting on behalf of a organisation that is looking for some 
emergency tech support. Please contact me off-list for more info.


I am a small business owner who has built my business using Ubuntu computers, to a network incorporating 2 Linux servers joined by router-to-router VPN link, with one server having Ubuntu workstations and the other Win7 workstations. All workstations have to be Win7 fairly soon to run software I'll be required to use.

However in the meantime the Ubuntu workstations are suddenly giving me nightmares with some users unable to log on, either permanently or intermittently, and one computer failing to boot after an attempt to upgrade it to 12.10 failed. And my usual Linux support guy is un available and I am going overseas in a few weeks with an entire office network in disarray.

I need urgent Linux it support to get the Ubuntu workstations operational and stable for when I got overseas, and to be on call in case of problems.

VPN access to the entire network will be provided on e a confidentiality contract is signed (due to the nature of the data help).

Users have roaming profiles, which is what is causing the most problems. So a good understanding of that is essential to help with current problems. If your interested in longer term support then expert understanding of networking win7 workstations and Ubuntu servers across VPN linked subnets would be essential.

Rates negotiable.


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