[clug] CLUG in need of a new cat herder

Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Sun May 5 19:56:49 MDT 2013

Hi Paul,

I'd welcome the chance to build some decent Drupal skills by helping out
with the update to the website. I've dabbled with Drupal but it's always
been overkill for the sorts of personal projects I've considered using it
for. If there's someone(s) more skilled that I could work with & learn
from, count me in. (If there's not, count me in anyway. I'll figure it out

I'm also happy to manage/assist with social media comms, especially if
you're happy for it to be run as a team effort using something like
Hootsuite. I'm happy to write up some social media posting guidelines too,
if they don't already exist.



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