[clug] CLUG in need of a new cat herder

Jessica Smith jessica at itgrrl.com
Thu May 2 06:27:06 MDT 2013

Hi Paul,

On 2 May 2013 20:51, "Paul Wayper" <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

> Maybe it's time for me to
> retire and hand the baton to someone who can give it more time and love.
> If someone wants to step up and do the job permanently, they're welcome to
> it.  I'll help where I can, I'll pass on the information I have, and I'll
> continue to come to meetings and help out there.  And if no-one wants to
> step up to the plate, then I'll continue doing what I can and trying to

Does all that have to be done by one person? Perhaps splitting it up
amongst 2-3 people would work better? I'm not in a position to take on the
whole ball of wax, but would be happy to put up my hand to take on (say)
social media stuff or help out with web dev.

Left me know how I can help.


P.S. Laser pointers work a treat when herding actual cats...  :-)

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