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I have had incredibly similar issues in Aranda of late (I am with Optus)

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Subject: [clug] ADSL2 modem

     I am looking to borrow an ADSL2 modem for at short test at my home 
in Aranda.

Does anyone who lives close to Aranda, or works on the ANU campus, have 
one spare to lend?

My Telstra ADSL2 network is playing up, last week the download speed 
dropped to <0.2Mbps cf the usual ~4 Mbps.

On Sunday the Telstra techo claimed that the fault was with my 18 month 
old Belkin N600 modem. However, I have my doubts, since his own modem 
only downloaded the bigpond file at ~1Mbps, but this speed was enough 
for him to state that his job was done.

I visited MSY today, to purchase a TP-Link W8960N, but despite what 
their web page says, they are out of stock, until the pallet sitting on 
the shop floor is unpacked, not until Wednesday!

Thanks for any assistance,

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