[clug] raspberry pi MythTV frontend or another option?

miloska miloska at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 20:21:14 MDT 2013

> I assume that means that a recorded HD stream (from say SBS HD) wouldn't
> work very well?
> Assuming it's served to the RPi via NFS on the 100MB ethernet.
I haven't spent too much time with it, so I'm not sure if the bottleneck is
the i/o or the cpu+gpu processing power.
I tried to play it via samba from an other RPi + USB disk combo, it was bad.
I copied over the file to the local SD card, it was still bad.

I gave up.

bad:= 1 sec stop in every 5 sec.

I am not in Canberra, but I guess someone else can lend you an RPi for few
days if you want to test it in your environment.

I can also do test for you if you share some sample files.

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