[clug] Recommendations for lightweight database, preferably RAM-based

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Mar 18 20:18:03 MDT 2013

I want to model filesystem meta-data access, particularly name -> inode
and extracting metadata from inodes.

To do this I want to use a *lightweight* database. By this I mean, low
complexity disk structures and maximum use of RAM.

It needs to handle 2-5M names, averaging 12.5 bytes/name (25MB-64MB).
Access will be predominantly Read Only, ie Look-up tables.

Delete and Append, but no Update, are needed.

Maybe Tridge's TDB or its cousin CTDB might work.

I'm thinking the Berkely DB and sqllite are too heavy-weight, with their
emphasis on disk storage.

I did think of PERL and its hashes.
Does Python or Ruby have anything similar or better (and faster)?

I'm looking at a DB that can remain cached in RAM, with minimal paging.
Memory mapped files or relying on VM-paging will be fine.

I've had a look around but didn't find any good candidates.

Thanks in Advance.


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