[clug] Bashism desired

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Mar 12 01:32:16 MDT 2013

Andrew Janke wrote on 12/03/13 5:44 PM:
> I could be wrong but this sounds like a really long way to write this:
>    $ mmv 'prefix*.pdf' 'newdir/newprefix_#1.pdf'
> mmv will refuse to do things if there are collisions.
> a

Ha!!! Look at that, somebody wrote a tool for that problem!

Andrew, as ever, your eclectic knowledge & research beats my slipshod
approach :-)

Thanks for another of your wonderful contributions.
I love the genius of this list...


[on Debian stable]. Not sure what lippcp-mmv is... Not this

steve at bc:~$ aptitude search mmv
p   libpcp-mmv-perl                                        - Performance
Co-Pilot Memory Mapped Value Perl module
p   libpcp-mmv1                                            - Performance
Co-Pilot Memory Mapped Value client library
p   libpcp-mmv1-dev                                        - Performance
Co-Pilot Memory Mapped Value library and headers

p   mmv                                                    -
Move/Copy/Append/Link multiple files

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