[clug] current Intel i3 and i5 processors with "VT-x" support for Virtualisation.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Mar 9 20:04:56 MST 2013

I just looked up the Intel site and it seems to say that all i3 and i5
processors support their "VT-x" virtualisation instructions, while Atom
and Centrino, which may be used in laptops, do not.


The VM systems I've used work better with virtualisation instructions
like "VT-x" and the AMD equivalent.

In considering processors for Desktop PC's, what features do CLUGers
commonly select for? i.e. what do you find is worth paying for, or not?

Running VM's on a PC is now common & extremely useful - and seems within
reach of all budgets.

Is this right?
Have I missed something basic?
[like '32-bit CPU's are limited to 4GB RAM']

I'm asking so when *I'm* asked "what PC should I buy" I can answer
without misleading the person.

Thanks in Advance.

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