[clug] Booting: Debian stable uses grub 1 or 2? recognising LVM's

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Mar 3 23:54:03 MST 2013

I'm setting up a new desktop soon, probably Debian stable.

Will fit two disks, an SSD and HDD. Part of my experimenting will be
using an LVM module that spreads files across SSD/HDD based on the
amount of (read?) access they get.

I'm wondering how I should setup the SSD boot disk to minimise
disruption as I test with the LVM.

Currently I'm thinking:
* SSD: 1-2GB as ext2/3 boot filesystem
* SSD: half remaining for normal system, possibly as a cache to the HDD
* SSD: remaining as test area for LVM
* HDD: half as ext3 or xfs filesystem, half as test area for LVM

I'm much happier with grub-1 and its simple config file, but can setup
and use grub-2 if I have to. I'm not sure what Debian stable provides (I
expect both) or which comes as the default.

Though I'd like to throw all the SSD & HDD into a single LVM

My concern is how grub-1 and grub-2 handle LVM modules they've not seen
before. Do I have to modify them to understand the new LVM or just have
a boot partition with simple filesystem?

Anyone suggest what I should be researching and suitable search terms?

Thanks in Advance


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