[clug] Calendar server for Debian?

Carlo Hamalainen carlo at carlo-hamalainen.net
Sun Jun 30 23:41:09 MDT 2013

On 01/07/13 15:15, Daniel Black wrote:
> Do you mean CalDav?

Sort of - DAViCal is a CalDav server: http://www.davical.org/

> I've used radicale an the server side that's nice and simple (python
> wsgi or own built in server).

Thanks for the tip.

> I've got some server code that can send emails as a form and update the
> calendar. I've even got the code that will display a calendar (to day
> granularity) of what which days have calendar items (with the rest of
> the contents hidden).
> Happy to provide this. Its on the plan to open source once I clean up
> the code :-)

Sounds good, I'd like to see how it performs.

> Doesn't solve the free android app for CalDAV.

Yeah, I'm surprised that there isn't a free android app. The radicale 
site mentions aCal, which seems to be open source, but on the play store 
it costs $1.99...

Carlo Hamalainen

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