[clug] Business Banking via Linux

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 21:42:12 MDT 2013

On 26/06/13 12:12, Michael Carden wrote:
> Does anyone have first-hand experience of a bank whose Business
>> type accounts work with Linux ?
> Uh, yeah. Linux Australia uses Westpac business banking and that works fine
> under Linux. The web interface looks (and is) ancient, but things like
> multiple signatories on transactions and RSA tokens are all part of the mix
> and it all Just Works under Linux.

Do you simply mean their web interface for manual transactions is
accessible using any major web browser, on any platform - or that they
support platform agnostic OFX statements and automated group
transactions (e.g. statement reconciliation and batched pre-scheduled
payments like payrolls).

e.g.  CBA is accessible using a browser, but OFX is non-standard, and
usable for importing transaction records only (sometimes requires a
little massage). Whereas popular accounting/bookkeeping packages for MS
can export (group transfers) *and* import CBA transactions.

I'd very much like to find a bank that it was possible to make automated
group transactions from Linux with.

NOTES: CBA has recently added "feeds" for Xero in addition to BankLink
and MYOB (unfortunately "feeds" are just the same data available in OFX
I don't have CommBizz accounts and know nothing about their capabilities
beyond NetLock (which runs Firefox) *not* being supported on Linux.
I'm not proposing that CBA is more friendly to Linux than Westpac.

Kind regards

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