[clug] Open Source Dictation System Coming Up

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 22:21:15 MDT 2013

Alternatives to Dragon Naturally Speaking are frequent requests amongst
the (F(L))OSS community and until recently Simon[*1] was the only
serious contender. Unfortunately there is a huge gap in usability
between the two applications.

A recent poll[*2] by the author of Simon, Peter Grasch, has resulted in
a decision to develop a prototype Dictation application based on Simon[*3].

Though it will just be a prototype (developed over the next 2 weeks),
I'm hoping it'll inspire others to continue the work and help develop an
application to rival Dragon. Maybe a potential Kickstarter project -
certainly I'd contribute funds if it was under a suitable license.

Regards, Scott

[*1] http://simon.kde.org/
[*2] http://grasch.net/node/16
[*3] http://grasch.net/node/17

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