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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Jun 23 01:56:56 MDT 2013

Mike Carden wrote on 23/06/13 5:25 PM:

> Now you can do naughty things that you may not have done at low bit
> rates. Are the Watchers better equipped?
> I just wonder how rational the paranoia is.

PRISM, grandson of Carnivorve. Nothing more to say :-)
[you can now skip the rest]

What do Oz-Spooks get up to? Or do they just use the US feed?

Why does ASIO need the biggest, most expensive new building in CBR? [a
guess abt size]

I was set-back when Robert Morris Snr in 1998 talked at AUUG about the
work of the NSA.
[After Bell Labs, "Morris Major" (Jnr was "minor") was Chief Scientist
at NSA. Although 'retired' in 1994, he noted in 1998 "you never really
retire" from the TLA Agencies. His clearance & pass were still active.]

He was very open about (some) stuff.
They had a price per decrypt and intercept - that's what people need to
realise, not only is it hard Maths & subtle Computer Science [and some
funky Electrical & Space Engineering in the USA], it's also a
Business/Industry. They know their resources/budget and prioritise what
they'll do within that...

I'm sure many on-list will remember how GCHQ released a paper saying "we
invented public-key encryption well before RSA did".
They're *smart* and mostly ahead of the unclass world.

The TLA Agencies make a point of identifying and trying to recruit the
best in the world, if on their side. They are very smart, very
motivated, given highly specific problems and work with very large

If you were given those conditions and 70 years to practice, what could
you come up with??

I wouldn't even speculate what their capabilities are.

Your degree of Paranoia is _always_ rational. Seriously.

We know we're working without full knowledge, you can make many
assumptions, depending on your level of interest and tendencies.

Would I write in an say on a phone or email anything I wouldn't expect
to be read/scanned at a latter date? No.

There's already a long-standing legal base for "Telecommunications

There are enough Hollywood scenarios of "The Innocent Guy is Targeted"
for us to know "if you're innocent, you've nothing to hide, nothing to
fear" is just plain wrong...

You can't live your life controlled by Fear and cautious of Conspiracy

But you need to live with some discretion and sensitivity to what "they"
are *probably* doing...

Most sane & rational folk don't shout "Fire!" in a theatre, nor do they
make jokes in Airports about carrying a bomb or being a terrorist. A 12
year-old can tell you the consequences.

Answering your questions:

 - Yes, the Watcher are much better equipment, organised and networked.
   This without any more specific knowledge than what's public.

 - Dial-up your level of paranoia to your own Comfort level & circumstances.

   People were unconcerned and laid-back during the WWII
     "Final Solution", sometimes with disastrous results.

   You _could_ live like Mel Gibson in his 1997 film, Conspiracy Theory.
    But for most people, it's hubris & arrogance to think
    "they're watching me". Of all the people in Australia, why would
    you think you're special enough for the spooks to spend money
    surveilling your and your family/friends?

   If you've had very high-level access, ever, it's reasonable to
    expect you'd be "monitored" for a few decades. I would :-)

Hope that's a useful contribution.


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