[clug] [OT] The Register is trying to crowfund $100-$250K for indep study on NBN

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Sat Jun 22 07:38:50 MDT 2013

On 22/06/13 17:02, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> On 22/06/13 13:00, steve jenkin wrote:
>> steve jenkin wrote on 20/06/13 2:08 PM: this lack of real data has
>> stymied my efforts at producing a reasoned and usable analysis of
>> both plans since January.
>> cheers steve
> This lack of real data has allowed both parties to make what ever claim
> they like.
> Cheers Scott

I'm not sure that having or not having real data will stop the
politicians from making exorbitant claims. As Stephen Rothwell
pointed out, Martin Ferguson claimed in 2010 that:

"Australia will likely need an investment of $100 billion for
electricity generation and network infrastructure in the next
10 years..." (see Stephen's post in this thread).

Yet we now know that the Electricity utilities used such
statements to start "gold-plating" their infrastructure and
massively bumping up the price to the consumer and that the
government has had to intervene to stop them from over-spending
(and over-charging) on unnecessary infrastructure.

Is something similar happening with the NBN? Is it a gold-plated
service that we don't REALLY NEED and can't really afford?

And another question:

Is the NBN really about providing a fat pipe to everyone's home
that they may or may not REALLY NEED, or more about the government
having complete control over your Internet, with no competition -
may make PRISM pale somewhat in comparison.


Bob Edwards.

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