[clug] [OT] The Register is trying to crowfund $100-$250K for indep study on NBN

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Fri Jun 21 21:00:39 MDT 2013

steve jenkin wrote on 20/06/13 2:08 PM:

> Rephrased on 'Pozible' site as:
> We want to address that with an independent study to answer three big
> NBN questions:
> * What do we REALLY NEED?
> * What's the BEST TECHNOLOGY to build with?
> * What happens AFTER we build the NBN?

Off list, I had correspondence where someone, very rightly IMO, asserted
that if real data didn't exist, then logic dictates the government would
either release them or commission such reports.

This is NOT the case, hence, love or hate their Technical writing, El
Reg is looking to fund some basic studies.

My answer follows:


That's the thing, the basic data DO NOT exist, at least not in the
public domain.

 As I've said, I've _looked_ very hard over many months, even taken
apart and analysed in detail things like the NBN Co plan for implicit
numbers and models.

_Both_ sides of Politics are being amazingly cynical and opportunistic
in treating the NBN as a political plaything and the mainstream media
plays along because it sounds like a story.

Answering the logic in your question,
 if any, let alone good, public domain knowledge existed on costs of
deploying the NBN, how could Turnbull get away without being challenged
when he _claimed_
 1) that the NBN Co project whole funding (incl losses) would blow-out
from $44B to $94B,
 2) also claiming that he could shave 10% of input costs and nearly
halve the Capital expenditure (save $17B off $39.5B)
 3) _and_ not transfer costs to OpEx, like leasing, but reduce
operational costs by 25% as well?

There is NO public data or studies available to country this absolutely
impossible position. Party because they also withheld their assumptions
and workings...

On the other hand, where is the Government response to this rubbish?
There is NONE!

Conroy is as bad as Turnbull, worst. He's gagged Quigley on any number
of important questions.

I wrote to Paul Budde, who is very familiar with both sides and with all
the senior players and asked him if Conroy _would_ ever consider
commissioning _exactly_ the report you're suggesting.

Not only haven't they, they _won't_, because Conroy doesn't consider
there is any need for them.

I really was hoping you had some data I could use, this lack of real
data has stymied my efforts at producing a reasoned and usable analysis
of both plans since January.


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