[clug] [OT] The Register is trying to crowfund $100-$250K for indep study on NBN

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jun 20 04:31:17 MDT 2013

Alex Satrapa wrote on 20/06/13 7:16 PM:

> I cancelled my RSS feed of The Register when they started spewing
> forth far too much Samsung love and Apple hate (about two years ago
> from memory). Have they changed recently, or are they still
> Fandroids?

No idea, I came across the link elsewise.

> If they can't practise some journalistic independence when writing
> about the technology that is important to them, how can you expect
> them to exercise any discipline with their "study"?
> Alex

They're not doing the study, they're commissioning companies that do
this sort work. The proposed questions were listed in 1st email.

If you contribute $100, you get to write something short for them about
your concerns and contribute to the questions.

Only game in town, so far. Hope its better than nothing.

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