[clug] [OT] The Register is trying to crowfund $100-$250K for indep study on NBN

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jun 20 01:18:30 MDT 2013

Robert Edwards wrote on 20/06/13 4:56 PM:
> I think that most people (including myself) just can't conceive what
> an enormous amount of money that really is. Is it really a good value
> proposition?

I hope this breakdown helps.

It's $1,350 per premise to connect Fibre. That's a conceivable amount.
There's also another ~$150 for common upstream gear.

Another $850 goes to payoff Telstra: buy _access_ to your house over
their ducts & pits. [The Asbestos remediation kuffle]

For 12 million houses, that's a big number in aggregate. But you don't
have to worry about that number.
It's like the Federal Budget: $350 billion!!!! but $30,000/household,
yeah.. reasonable.

These another $800-$1000/premise in overheads, like provisioning and
billing systems. Including a 10% contingency and interest etc while the
network is being built & making a loss (need a full staff etc if you
have 1 customer or 1 million).

For people in difficult/expensive areas, Fixed Wireless (3G or 4G
mobile) and Satellite get more like $5-7,000 a household spent on them.
Can't remember exact figures, under $10,000 IIRC (under $5000 subsidy
per household)

I think that's a reasonable amount for us to support them Out There in
The Bush :-)

This whole argument is actually over a $450 saving per house for 75% of
Coalition _implies_ they expect it to cost $900 for a VDSL service to a
Node, per-premise.

All the extra costs (splitter & modem) - you get to pay those "They're
optional!". really?! Ummm...

$160 for modem (Adam Internet) and $300 for a Telstra tech to install a
central splitter.

Hope that helps.

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