[clug] Off topic: recommendations for a reliable wireless router?

Ben Davies bdcrux at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 17:56:06 MDT 2013

On 2 June 2013 13:06, Brett Worth <brett.worth at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 02/06/13 12:37, Paul Warren wrote:
>> I tend to avoid MSY these days, rude staff who don't want to help you, no
>> indication of stock levels on their website, pretty much the only thing
>> they've got going for them is price.
> I agree.  They're a victim of their own success.  Plus the store always
> looks like it's been ransacked.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Unfortunately I had to go out to Fyshwick anyway (to return more
faulty electronics), so I ended up ringing MSY beforehand to confirm
stock levels. Their "polished' website didn't help too much :-)  That
said, we were the only customers there, and the service was quite

It did have quite the utilitarian aesthetic :-)


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