[clug] Recommendations for 'Drive Recorder" or "Car Video Event Recorder"s

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jan 24 22:37:56 MST 2013

There's the occasional great video broadcast from helmet-cams (cyclists)
or car-cameras.

I'm wondering if all you need is a smartphone + App (battery, camera,
storage, GPS, Screen, Gyroscope/force sensor, ...)???

Or just windscreen mount a normal small digital camera & record in video

Why do you need Yet Another Compute Device (YACD)???
They seem to take up to 32GB SDHC cards.

What do people out there use or know that friends/family use?

Thanks in Advance.



Dick Smith has 2 Navman models $149/$199.
Advantage: may not be cheap, may not be much of a range, but easy to buy
& exchange if NOP.
"MiVue338 Drive Recorder" & MiVue358


<http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=QV3793> [Video]
$199 HD Car Event Recorder with LCD & GPS
 5MP sensor, 720p, 30fps. H.264/AVI or MP4

Office works "Road Recorders"

$68 Kaiser Baas Car Camera. 720p + 64GB SDHC supported. AVI fmt
$68 Navig8r Car Crash Cam 720p. 32GB SDHC. IR led for low-light. AVI fmt
$282 NAVCAMPRO: Navig8r Crash Cam with GPS Tracking and Camera Alerts.
1080p, 30fps, GPS, G-force sensor, timestamps. microphone. special
oreder :-(

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