[clug] BUFSIZ - how do you look it up?

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sun Jan 13 21:11:12 MST 2013

Hi Hal,

> Ok so I can write a one line C program like you can. But surely I'm missing
> something and you can look up defined constants in man pages?
> How are you guys doing it?

Rather than looking for the content in man pages, I tend to go directly
to the source. Using ctags will help with this:

ctags -R -f ~/.vim/systags /usr/include

This builds an index of the macros, variables and functions defined in
the headers under /usr/include. The index is placed in ~/.vim/systags.

then, configure vim to use this file as the "system tags". In .vimrc:

set tags+=~/.vim/systags

Then you can use vim's tag support to go to specific C identifiers. Either:



 with the cursor over an identifier, hit ctrl + [


 ctrl + click on an identifier

or, to open vim and go directly to that tag:

 vim -t BUFSIZ

While this is vim-specific, there'll likely be an equivalent for your
editor of choice.



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