[clug] Any experience in collaborative authoring using Version Control and Latex??

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 04:06:39 MST 2013

>> If you must stick in the 1980's with Latex (I know I did for far too
>> long) then the online compromise I have reached with others who still
>> insist on Latex is to put the .tex file in a github repo.
> How do you typeset equations? I haven't found anything (yet) that beats
> LaTeX for that job.

If you're one of those "maths people" then no, nothing but LaTeX is
probably going to float your boat. For what I do I am yet to exhaust
what can be done in Google Docs.

Feast your eyes on this Spherical Harmonic decomposition of an MRI
gradient field (G)


Yes, I'll admit it, I'm now a point and click equation editor.
Interestingly you used to be able to paste *tex code into google doc
equations but the functionality disappeared, people are asking for it
to come back so it might happen.



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