[clug] Idea for an Android project or a possible big headache?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Feb 14 20:05:04 MST 2013

Today while catching the bus I discovered that my MyWay card was out of
credit. Luckily I had the cash on me to pay for the ride. On my walk
from the Interchange to work I started to wonder if the NFC interface on
my Android phone would recognise the card. A quick swift of the card
over the phone or was that the phone over the card. Anyway...The phone
beeped happily. So it sees something.

The thought was that it would be handy to have an app on you phone which
would allow you to check the balance of the card. I could do this be for
I needed to use the card and realise I need to top up the card before
being caught out. So my questions are,

* Does such an app already exist?

* Does anyone know anything about the functionality of these cards? eg,
are these a simple 96 bit id card or a true stored value card?

* Are there any good NFC tools?

* Any good NFC examples?

* Anyone want to try writing such an app or know how to get Action to
invest in one?

Well that's my random thought for the day.


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