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Hi all,

I received this email yesterday; I don't have much direct experience with
this kind of work but it sounds fairly simple to me.  It also sounds like a
good chance to replace proprietary software with open source :-)

Replies on list or direct to David, please.

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Subject: Linux assistance
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:32:33 +1100
From: David King <timespan44 at bigpond.com>
To: paulway at mabula.net


I am associated with a competition car club at Fairbairn Park & as a part of
our operating rules we are required by EPA to log noise emissions at every
(monthly) event.  We are using a Bruel & Kjaer sound level meter, which
spits out a serial data block every second, amongst which is the noise
level. I am able to "see" the data by means of a 6 year old Dell laptop
running the current version of Ubuntu & "gkterm" (this is the sum total of
my Linux ability!).  I am contacting you to see if the group or a member of
the group would be interested in helping to develop a real time logging &
display system.

My main role with the club is that of timekeeper, for which I am using some
commercial timing hardware (TAG Heuer) & some rather complex & inflexible
(French!) Windows 7 software; the hardware & software communicate via serial
data & as a longer term project I would like to develop a more user-friendly
system which might in the far term include live timing to the Web.  This
last element is available (from the French!) at a cost far in excess of reality.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the above.

Best regards

David King
Timespan Electronics/Southern District Motorsports Assoc.

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