[clug] Problem getting a working IPv6 connection

Simon Fowler sjjf at himi.org
Sat Feb 2 06:09:54 MST 2013

On Sat, Feb 02, 2013 at 09:31:12PM +1100, Dale Shaw wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Simon Fowler wrote
> >
> >
> > I'm totally at a loss with this.
> >
> Show us your PPP options and dhcpv6 config files. Show us your v6 routing
> table.

simon at lassus:~$ sudo cat /etc/ppp/options |grep '^[^#]'
asyncmap 0
mtu 1412
lcp-echo-interval 30
lcp-echo-failure 4
ipv6 ,

simon at lassus:~$ sudo cat /etc/wide-dhcpv6/dhcp6c.conf
# Default dhpc6c configuration: it assumes the address is autoconfigured using
# router advertisements.

interface ppp0 {
    send ia-pd 0;
    script "/etc/wide-dhcpv6/dhcp6c-script";

id-assoc pd {
    prefix-interface eth0 {
        sla-id 1;
        sla-len 8;

    prefix-interface eth0.2 {
        sla-id 254;
        sla-len 8;


simon at lassus:~$ ip -6 route show
2001:44b8:317e:8a01::/64 dev eth0  proto kernel  metric 256
2001:44b8:317e:8afe::/64 dev eth0.2  proto kernel  metric 256
fe80::224:14ff:fe9a:b910 dev ppp0  metric 1024
fe80::/64 dev eth0  proto kernel  metric 256
fe80::/64 dev eth0.2  proto kernel  metric 256
fe80::/64 dev ppp0  proto kernel  metric 256
fe80::/10 dev ppp0  metric 1
fe80::/10 dev ppp0  proto kernel  metric 256
default dev ppp0  metric 1024

> Maybe bump up your debug/logging level and see what's happening during
> IP6CP negotiation, and what's happening when DHCPv6 does its thing.

Just enabled debugging, but my wife is watching stuff on Youtube and
will kill me if I take things down.

> Does your config follow the example here?
> http://www.internode.on.net/support/guides/internet_access/ipv6/linux_bsd/
> (is your default route disappearing like the article says it will?)

Yes, and yes - the ppp0 routes are set up by an ifup script.


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