[clug] Sun gear and other stuff to go (please!)

Conrad Canterford conrad at watersprite.com.au
Sun Dec 29 17:52:44 MST 2013

Hi all,
Doing a garage clean-out, and I've decided its time to be rid of my
ancient Sun gear and some other miscellaneous computer stuff. In the
interests of not throwing out stuff that might be of interest to others,
if you'd like any of this, let me know. Anything not claimed by next
weekend goes to e-waste.

If you'd like any of this but feel inclined to pay something for it,
payment by way of a donation of the amount of your choice to a local
charity will be accepted.

3 x Sun Sparcstation 5's (NOT Ultra 5's) - no idea of current
operational condition, but at least 2 were working last time they were
used. Not sure if there are hard disks in 2 of them.

1 x Sun CRT monitor - 15"? with the Sun video plug. Will have the
matching cable around somewhere and will put it with the monitor when I
find it later today.

2 x Sun external SCSI enclosures of same vintage as the SS5s. I expect
its SCSI not SCSI-II, although I don't remember. One of them appears to
have a removable mass storage device (CD tray maybe?), the other has no
externally accessible bay and may or may not have a hard disk in it.
Operational state not known - I don't recall having ever used them.

1 x Type 5C Sun Keyboard and Type 5 mouse

1 x Type 6 Sun keyboard, with what appears to be an older style Sun
mouse attached but I didn't dig it out to check.

2 x VL-bus (I think?) video adaptors

1 x Samsung MFD (laser printer based scanner/copier/printer). I think we
replaced it because the drum was in need of replacement.

1 x Apple Laser Printer - was working  last time it was used, but that
was 10 years ago.

A number (4 or more) PC cases:
- some with power supplies some without
- some plastic shell, but I think at least a couple of metal-shelled
cases there
- all will be P4 era cases or earlier.

Last I recall, there are also a number of very old motherboards and
miscellaneous cards (all pre-PCI bus) in that cupboard. If anyone is
interested in collecting or has a specific part they need that might fit
that description, let me know.


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