[clug] firefox question

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Sun Dec 22 16:47:25 MST 2013

 From time to time I notice an error message in my httpd server saying

Requests with error response codes
	404 Not Found
		/log.js?id=489946-bxlkf45: 1 Time(s)

These show when the main fs holding my web root is unmounted, so naturally i get this error.

However, I wanted to understand where this reference comes from. In doing so I noticed that
it seems that a specific address 'logs.enquisite.com' is treated in a non standard way.
When I enter this in the address bar I get my own httpd root page showing.

I use 'adblock' and it does not block this address. My proxy (privoxy) has a generic rule
to block '.enquisite.com' and it blocks all sub-domains except 'log.'.

This is what privoxy logs when I browse to 'xxx.enquisite.com'
	2013-12-23 09:27:52.686 7f961076f700 Crunch: Blocked: http://xxx.enquisite.com/ - - [23/Dec/2013:09:27:52 +1100] "GET http://xxx.enquisite.com/ HTTP/1.1" 403 9531
Nothing shows in the log when I browse to 'log.enquisite.com' and the browser shows my
own web page.

A tcpdump on my internet connection shows that there is no direct connection
(bypassing the proxy) to this address.

I did some searches and it seems that this site is something "special" but I wonder if
it gets "special" treatment by my software (firefox? apache?). During my searches I noted
that googling 'enquisite.com firefox' brings many hits, yet googling 'log.enquisite.com firefox'
returns a blank page. Same with duckduckgo. Yahoo finds many hits.

Does anyone know what is going on?


Eyal Lebedinsky	(eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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