[clug] Tips for creating portable executables?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 21:15:12 MST 2013

>> Having played the cygwin/mingw game a few times I don't think this is
>> what you want if you want users to be able to just "use it". Cygwin
>> has a marvellous add-in called apt-cyg but you still have to get to
>> the stage of installing it manually which involves a great big heap of
>> clicks and from my digging into it cannot be scripted.
> Didn't mysql and postrgres just deploy cygwin.dll as a part of the .msi
> scripited windows installation for ages? Do they still? It's one option that
> bypasses the whole "first install cygwin" step that basically nobody will
> do.

Yes, this is certainly an option so long as you comply with this (it's
not onerous):


> Rolling packages for every distro sounds awful, all the different libc
> versions etc - a (vm) installation for every distro you want to support?.
> Good luck with it however you do it if you've given yourself that task.

So, perhaps Steve's best option is to compile it as a VM appliance and
bundle it with virtualbox....


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