[clug] Installing debian on a macpro - grub failed

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 06:12:45 MST 2013

On 16/12/13 22:56, Logan Ryan McLintock wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I have a MacPro 5,5 (the box one, not the macbook pro laptop) and I
> am trying to install Debian. I booted a Partition Magic DVD and use
> GParted to make all the three hard drives and single SSD ext4 (i.e.
> erasing the terrible mountain lion).

Why not use the Debian installer to do that?

Please expand on the partitioning scheme you used.

> Then I did the firmware nonfree netinst 

non-free *and* firmware?  So does "firmware" mean the free-firmware.udeb

> whilst connected to the
> internet (behind a net gear router). Every thing went fine until the
> Grub failed. I was using
> debian firmware 7.2.0 amd64 netinst

I'd suggest you choose Help from the first install screen and type
"expert" then check Alt+F4 after the GRUB step to see the errors
followed by choosing to "save the debug logs" (you can choose to save to
web server on the installer and download the three logs from a browser
on another machine on the network). Just choose "standard" (not server
or desktop) from the software selection - you can install a DE etc later

> and I checked sums before burning it.
> I am trying to install debian as the only operating system (no os x,
> no rEFIt), booting naturally using efi, not bios emulation. Maybe the
> grub in the Debian is too old?

No. Though you don't have the latest Wheezy point release (last weekend).

Mike Homney's guide to installing on the MacBook Pro (last year):-

>From the wiki (three years ago, needs updating):-
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianOnIntelMacPro (a little dated).

> I would really appreciate any help as I am quite unsure what to do. I
> could probably use ubuntu as I think the installer can do the whole
> efi grub 2 thing, but I would prefer debian.
> I am willing to pay for help.

I'm willing to help you for free via the list, or you can ask on the
debian-user mailing list.
If you get stuck and need hands-on email me off-list.

> PS. Don't but macs
> Regards, Logan -) cyclops

Kind regards

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