[clug] Installing debian on a macpro - grub failed

Logan Ryan McLintock u4955237 at anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 16 04:56:19 MST 2013

Hi Guys,

I have a MacPro 5,5 (the box one, not the macbook pro laptop) and I am trying to install Debian. I booted a Partition Magic DVD and use GParted to make all the three hard drives and single SSD ext4 (i.e. erasing the terrible mountain lion).

Then I did the firmware nonfree netinst whilst connected to the internet (behind a net gear router). Every thing went fine until the Grub failed. I was using

debian firmware 7.2.0 amd64 netinst

and I checked sums before burning it.

I am trying to install debian as the only operating system (no os x, no rEFIt), booting naturally using efi, not bios emulation. Maybe the grub in the Debian is too old?

I would really appreciate any help as I am quite unsure what to do. I could probably use ubuntu as I think the installer can do the whole efi grub 2 thing, but I would prefer debian.

I am willing to pay for help.

PS. Don't but macs

Logan -) cyclops

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