[clug] recommendations for ARM desktop, server?

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu Dec 12 17:57:03 MST 2013

May be a bit later, but I was going through the multitude of browser
tabs and windows I have open trying to get a usable computer back and
came across this arm based machine,



On 8/12/13 8:30 AM, Adam Baxter wrote:
> On 5 December 2013 12:42, Bob Edwards <bob at cs.anu.edu.au> wrote:
>> Anyone on list using an ARM-based Desktop? What are the recommendations
>> for local suppliers etc.? I am thinking of something somewhat larger
>> than your average RaspPi, or other "thin clients".
> Hi Bob,
> I haven't found one that I'd use as a desktop or laptop replacement
> (Chromebook maybe?), but as you might remember I've tried a fair few ;)
> Despite being really slow, I haven't found a device with quite the range of
> support that the Raspberry Pi has - there are so many people working on it
> that anything else feels unsupported by comparison.

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