[clug] Display problems following upgrade...

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 20:31:35 MST 2013

What Hal said.


Given you said 5 years ago, I'm guessing an old school xorg config
when you got to fiddle with things by hand/vi and felt good about it.

Modern Debian/Ubuntu installs use <david copperfield arm
wave>MAAAAGIC</dcaw> dust to configure such things and in effect don't
need anything other than a shell xorg.conf.

So, if you indeed upgraded in place and didn't clean install then your
machine is probably stuck back with the failsafe nv driver.  So you
have two options.

1. Scorched earth: re-install from scratch!   (not a bad idea, I set
my drive on the laptop up with 3 partitions, one for current OS, one
for the next OS, one for home directories. I use a swapfile not a swap
partition. From there I have a dodgy shell script which copies back
the small amount of config that I do.

2. Scorched continent.

Try to remove everything and anything to do with nvidia.

   apt-get remove --purge *nvidia* *glx*

   rm ~/.nvidia-config*

   replace xorg.conf with the default. (rm, apt-get install
--reinstall xorg....)

reboot (ensure it is in fallback mode)

then re-install nvidia using the control panel and friends. You will
still have to install nvidia-settings as I am yet to see a inbuilt
displays control panel that can handle all the nvidia config options.
Works for simple stuff via the open source neuveau(sp?!?) driver but
not for the binary blob nvidia driver.

As a PS: one more trick to try is to login as a new/clean user, nvidia
stores config in your home directory that can cause amusing things to

Good luck!


On 5 December 2013 10:16, Hal Ashburner <hal at ashburner.info> wrote:
> Xorg.conf has changed what is appropriate for nvidia in the past year or so
> of driver releases. Worth a look.

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