[clug] Display problems following upgrade...

Ben Davies bdcrux at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 16:38:40 MST 2013

Hi all,

I thought I'd throw this one out to the list/hive-mind for some help.

I upgraded my laptop (an ageing Dell XPS m1330 - about 5 years old)
Lubuntu installation to 13.10 yesterday & noticed nvidia-settings was
missing. This prevented switching to an external monitor, so I ended
up using a default app to switch to the external monitor (I think I
installed the nvidia-settings package after this).

I was able to suspend/resume a few times after this and carry on
normally. I tried hibernating the laptop that evening, although the
laptop displayed the default background image and sat there for a few
mins, so I had to switch it off manually.

This morning I fired the system back up - it obviously hadn't
hibernated and booted from scratch. The login screen was in lower
resolution and I couldn't read some of the text in some of the
dialogs. I tried running nvidia-settings but this failed for some
reason (couldn't read the dialog text). The default monitor settings
app only had a max resolution of something like 800*600. I tried
upgrading the nvidia drivers with synaptic (to v319?), but this did
nothing to resolve the problem. I then installed the nvidia-current
package and restarted. The login screen was still at wrong resolution.
Any attempts to login simply made the screen flicker with garbage
before dumping me back at the login screen. Removing nvidia-current
also hasn't worked & I can't login to the GUI.

Any debugging advice appreciated!


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